You could summarize our story and idea with this question:

How can you maximize your service to create and train individuals professionally?

This is one of the best answers:

Let’s create a team of professional which will share their expertise exclusively to Pinsa makers and restaurateur.

Our consulting team will form your staff at the premises in your own locations which need to be improved and launched.

In a few words we need the best in this field to work together to create a winning service for the clients.

This is how Pinsa was born.

We really care for our clients, and we treasure the wellbeing and feedback of the consumer.

We work alongside Associazione Orig. Pinsa  which oversees the quality control in the premises.

We have authorithy to certify and support high quality assurance to obtain the Pinseria Originale status.

To help us with our project a partnership has been established with companies leading the market which will supply the right equipment and material to operate for our clients.

Thanks to its experience and the passion for this work Pinsa  provides focused advice and personalized consultancy to start the restaurant business, especially Pinseria.

The projects and skills of Pinsa are strengthened by our team of consultants chosen specifically to provide the best result for our clients.

Our advice for the restaurant are personalized and customizable according to the needs of the activity and the client in question, anyone can get tailored serviceaddressing only the clients demands, which is why the advice (unlike the courses) is conducted right in the locations of the company requesting the service, this way the consultant can assess for themselves what is the best solutions and the best steps to follow to get a start-up or optimize the entire business.

Also thanks to our wide range of specialized partners we can provide a package of equipment and products that we have tested and recommended for the pinserias (ovens, shovels, mixers, ingredients, or servipinsa servipinsa, canned Tomatoes and mozzarella, olive oil). 

In this way we eliminate the risk of disappointments reserving a special price made ​​specifically for our customers.

These are the main services offered by Pinsa:


Training to 360 ° on the processing techniques(kneading, rising, maturing, cooking, condiments).

Advanced and specialized training on problem solving, the ability to know how to fix under all circumstances all the problems that may exist in the business.


Realization of a cost effective menu with its calculation of food cost that allows you to monitor the accounts of (restaurant, pinseria, etc.) and optimize revenues.

Optimization of the spaces and of the processing procedure to speed up the production times, with consequent benefits for the consumer.


Allocation of a Files package containing the resumed consultancy and a folder designed to improve the management of the labour.

(recipe book, check list ingredients, preparation of the dough and temperatures).

What does our consultancy stand for?

The consulting takes place within the businesses, our specialist consultant will carry out the training in the restaurant or in the pizzeria that will require the services so that they can better advise its employees in all internal processes, also taking into account the equipment (eg. mixer and oven) already present in the premises.

The advice therefore is recommended for all those who already have a business or are about to start it with this service, our customers will receive a worksession tailored and customized to their needs.

There are 3 types of consultancy: Flash, Base, Complete + Special Consulting.

What is special Consultancy?

It is a personalized program to meet the special demands of the customer, the budget will be estimated based on the extra or alternative work required.

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