What is Pinsa?

Pinsa originated three thousand years ago from the ancient flat buns or pies cooked on scorching stones. It was the kind of ‘pizza' consumed in the form of tin flat bun or pie, which was the first type of non-leavened bread eaten by humans. It was only after the discovery of yeast by the Egyptians that leavened flat buns were consumed. The term ‘ pizza ' comes from the Latin word ‘ pinsa ', which is the past participle of the Latin verb ‘ pinsere ', which means ‘to crush'. Many civilizations living in the Mediterranean areas, such as the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans were used to eating flat buns or pies made from barley beans, water and different seasonings. Certainly these flat buns or pies can be considered as the ‘ancestors' of pizza.

When we talk about Pinsa today, we mean a bread which comes from, partly from the mixing of special flours and partly from a genuin fermentation process.
Pinsa Romana delievers the best solutions in the market for baking Pinsa. Our fantastic flour mixes, comes from the Italian company DiMarco and our ovens and mixers from the Italian company Rinaldi Any info mation needed contact me underour contacts.


Markus Mayer



Pinsa Romana has created a starting package for you, that is eger to try and 

produce and sell products 

based on the Pinsa bread.


welcome to our 2 day training in our show room in stockholm.


For the end customer

Very good digestibility - Due to a minimum of 80% hydration.

Low on calories - Due to high protein in the soy flour and thar the weat flour is not refined ie containing no starch.

Good for vegans and vegetarians - Due to it is without animal fat.

Low content of gluten - Due to that only 30% of the dough contain wheat.

GMO Free - The Pinsa does not contain any gen modifications.

For the restaurant

80% Hydration - You sell water, which has no or low cost.

Customer hungry quicker - Due to faster digest of the lighter dough.

No animal fat - No obsticle for vegans and vegetarians to become customers.

Prebaking- The Pinsa can easily be prebaked, decorated and exposed to the endcustomer and sell it´s self.

Make your own- The prebaked Pinsa can be used by the endcustomer to decorate themselves and be paid f.ex on weight.

No Pizza Chef - The prople who work does not need advanced training.

Desserts- Due to low content of salt the end products can be sweet solutions for dessert.

Storage - The prebaked Pinsa can easily be stored for long in a freeser or as vacuumpacked.

The Pinsa is now spreading over the entire world.

Country after country is starting the production of Pinsas.

Start the production yourself in your restaurant or coffeshop in your country. Dont let your competitors beat you.

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